“After 3 sessions, I am feeling great.

Scott does GREAT WORK – I will continue to tell my friends to give him a call.

Even late in the day – Scott is ALWAYS on time for his patients, very efficient with the appointment, and very direct with his consult!

“I’ve been relying on Coykendall Chiropractic for almost 12 years now to allow me to deal with a bad back, due to an injury that I suffered. Scott and his staff are always attentive, with effective treatments at the times that work for me. I credit his treatments with allowing me to stay active in my job that requires frequent car & air travel, my fitness/health, and my hobbies, which includes golfing. Without a regular schedule of seeing Scott I would be more limited in what I can do day-to-day, and also would’ve likely had to have corrective procedures, requiring months of rehab & loss of flexibility. I highly recommend Coykendall Chiropractic, they’ve improved my quality of life..

Victor, NY”

“I started seeing Dr. Coykendall in August 2020.The morning after my 1st visit he personally called to see how I was feeling and if I had any questions. I was set back. What Doctor does that? I am impressed! He is personable, caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I am so happy with this practice. I wish I had come here sooner. I am just so impressed. The staff are pleasant, polite and work like a well oiled machine. BONUS ~ he takes my insurance but would be worth it even if he did not. I have been to many chiropractors over the years. I highly recommend Coykendall Chiropractic Office. These guys are the best!

Easily a 5 star rating!

Dan Boyer”

“Dr. Coykendall was a godsend. I was experiencing severe leg pain as well as my thigh was numb . I went to my doctor who then sent me to physical therapy. From there I went to a neurologist who then sent me to an orthopedic who then sent me back to the neurologist.

I had enough. So I heard great things about Dr. Coykendall and said why not. I was not too sure he was going to help. Let’s face it it was almost a year and I still had the leg pain.

So I arrived at Dr Coykendall’s office and I completed a questionnaire and watched a welcome video.

In walked Dr Coykendall. He took the time to find out the issue, explained it clearly, did an adjustment and boy did he ever. I got off the table and felt unsure. But he said to ice it and gave me a schedule to come back.

The next day, I had feeling in my leg, I felt so amazing and more relaxed after. Even my posture was better. I continued the schedule I was given and by the end I had no pain and I had control of my leg.

Don’t think twice give Dr Coykendall a chance.

Sue L”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Scott Coykendall since 2012 and so much appreciate his care and skill. He was recommended to me by my orthopedic massage therapist who was also a patient of his. I have back and neck problems that have been chronic for 50 years as a result of injuries, but I am able to function and even thrive as a taiji quan and qigong teacher because of his spine adjustments. I find he listens carefully, takes my pain seriously, and has made referrals for other adjunctive therapies (acupuncture, massage, CBD, etc.) which enhance the treatment he provides. I had gone to another chiropractor closer to home when I first moved to this area in 2000 but am more than willing to travel across town to continue to receive care from Dr. Scott as it surpassed that which I had previously found. He and his office staff are professional and kind, compassionate and humorous. I am a genuinely satisfied consumer.”
Kathleen M. Gill, Ph.D.

Lisa Hughes ~ Greece, NY